Reuse Recycle and Repurpose to Stay Fit and Beautify Nature.

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Final stage of pond renovation is finally at the completion stage. All construction items used to redo the inlet drain, outlet drain and beach area where saved bits and pieces from odd jobs or sitting out in Nature’s backyard.  Old wood 4×4’s, planks, doors and tires were removed from a barn that was being cleaned and the owner was throwing them out.  Normally I wouldn’t pick up old tires unless I have a use for them, old rubber tires are very difficult to dispose of.



Real Life Benefits From Reviving a Pond – Phase 4 (2 New Videos)

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Have you been enjoying the series on the pond project?  I hope so!  In case you missed any of the previous posts you can see Phase 1 here, Phase 2 here and Phase 3 here.

Phase 4 I broke down into 2 short videos for you:

The second video is below:

Kyler, a neighbor and friend, learns how to think creatively in order to functionally revamp this ponds inlet drain, by using miscellaneous items. Also, learn the concept of how to build and install a homemade gasket, patch and expansion plug using house-hold items such as a milk container.

What do you think about the project?  I’d love to hear your input on how you stay healthy by working out outdoors.

Exercise A Positive Attitude To Solve Unexpected Problems

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How you react when faced with unexpected situations, such as delays, issues or set-backs, determines the state of mind.  Completing projects with out a hitch is great, but always plan for the unexpected and be ready to face or resolve the issue.  On a positive note:  When the unexpected happens, your mind starts to spin the thought process and the creative juices begin to flash ideas in your mind.  These flashes pop while the brain is exercising its thought process by looking for a solution. During this workout, look around and your eyes will focus on what the mind is thinking. Example:  This video shows an unexpected hole in a cement drain tile, that needs to be fixed before covering it with dirt. Rather than run out and buy some wire mesh, rods and a couple bags of cement, I looked around to see what I could use that would work just fine. In the end, I didn’t spend any money or lose time running around.  Everything I needed to fix the problem was right around me.  Learn to use what’s available around you and the natural things God has provided in nature.









Real Life Benefit From Reviving A Pond – phase 3

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Re-purpose, reuse, relocate sod, dirt and pond muck to other areas needing filled or leveled.  For short distances, I use a wheelbarrow or tarp and rope to transfer the materials and workout my legs. A trailer is used for long distant transfers. A shovel is used to fill the trailer, giving me a mid-section, arm and shoulder workout.  Use different size shovels to achieve various weights.  Drink lots of water and wear a belt to stay hydrated and protect your lower back from over-stress.


To strengthen the path crossing over the washed-out area, I’ll be adding sticks, branches, extra wood, and old tires to help hold the path together. Throwing tires like a disk and tossing branches and wood stretches the shoulders and builds muscle.




Real Life Benefits From Reviving a Pond – phase 2

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Using a heavy duty vintage pic hoe to remove the top layer of grass and roots; for an all around shoulder workout.  To help ease back strain form tossing the dirt, a rope and tarp is used to drag/slide the dirt up into the trailer. Using a tarp to move dirt incorporates the leg muscle.  Throughout this workout, I drink lots of water, snack on protein full foods and wear a weight belt to protect my back from stress.



Real Life Benefits From Reviving A Pond – phase 1

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Helping or doing something nice for somebody out of the kindness of your heart is healthier than doing it because your expected to.  I’m not implying payment isn’t good or you shouldn’t earn a decent wage for your hard work and time.  Making money is good and helps us feel secure, but that’s a job and we expect to be paid, just as we’re expected to do the job. Working around home, helping other, doing something nice are not jobs; they’re ways of staying physically and mentally healthy. Working keeps the body physically active and the visual stimulation from completing a project or seeing the reaction of someone you’ve helped, is heart warming and mentally healthy.

This pond needs a little TLC and character to give it life and bring joy to those who visit. Over the next week, using bits and pieces around the property and what Nature has provided, I’m going to add a sandy beach and reconstruct and stabilize the inlet and outlet tubes.


There is a beautiful nature trail wrapping around the pond which is inaccessible do to the two washed out areas. Looking forward to exercising in Nature’s Gym (the great outdoors) completing the project and watch the kids enjoying themselves and having fun.

Get Out Get Dirty Get Fit

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Getting outside and doing yard work doesn’t have to be a chore, duty or even boring. The issue of liking or disliking yard work is irrelevant; it’s a way of thinking, not doing. Your mind is a very powerful tool and your mind-set (how you think, see or hear) determines the positive and negative response, action or answer to any given question, scenario and situation.  Take a positive approach and think about the benefits of working outdoors.

Benefits of Outdoor Chores:

1. Get my  daily exercise – stay fit

2. Feels good inside to visually see accomplishment

3. Stretches, Tones and Builds Muscle

4. Burns Fat – Weight Loss

The point here is:  “THINK positive, BELIEVE in yourself  and ACHIEVE anything”

Now, shut off the television, stop the game,  put the iPod down, get off the computer and get outside and appreciate Nature and all she has to offer you!

My Niece Macky Helps with Morning Exercise

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Getting up in the morning and jumping right into exercising isn’t always exciting.  Working out with kids makes it fun and beneficial for both.  It feels good inside when the kids ask to spend the night. Macky who is my youngest niece keeps me on my toes and physically fit. She loves to workout with me and help me with the exercises.  Thoughts are turned away from the task at hand and focused on the joys and smiles of the younger generation.  Kids are a joy and including them will bring many joys to your life.

Choosing The Right Equipment For Nature’s Outdoor Fitness Workout

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Summer is here, time to prepare the lawn and garden tools, which we’ll refer to as equipment.  Yard work is a great way to shape and tone body and muscle.  Starting with hand tools;  specifics you’ll want to consider when look for your next piece of equipment.  Similar to using barbells and dumbbells in a gym, each piece of equipment works a different one or more muscle groups. The following video examines each tool and the purpose for its use. With the right fitness and exercise gear and a healthier mind, body and soul, yard work will never be the same.

Exercise & Build Muscle Doing Yard Work With The Right Tools

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Yard and house work is a good way to exercise and build muscle at the same time. As a young boy, I despised cleaning my room, cutting the grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc. It wasn’t that the work was difficult, I didn’t see any benefit or reason to do it. Today, a bit older and wiser, yard and house work has become my main source for physical fitness, exercise and bodybuilding.

Uncle Jim, Calyb & Connor

As your doing things, anything, around the house, think about what muscle your using. Concentrate, with each move, on the tightening and relaxing of that muscle. Believing your building a healthier mind, body and soul puts a whole new perspective on doing house work.

These are some of my favorite work-out equipment. Made for common everyday yard and house work, many tools have multiple uses. Add tape and splints to strengthen areas that are prone to snapping, cracking or breaking, when under lots of stress. Be creative, turn your tools into fitness equipment and your yard into a gym. It’s much easier and beneficial to exercise at home for an hour or two, compared to driving somewhere else.